Xerda was a wood elf.

Physical Appearance Edit

Xerda is a 5'1, 110 lb wood elf with green eyes, long hair, and a not-so-surprising lack of clothing, as she prefers slinking movements to stealth and avoids clumsy battle armor.

Personality Edit

Xerda was given the name "Xerda the Rash" for good reason. She is sometimes too quick to act, overzealous, and over ambitious. This particular vice tends to get her into sticky situations and, while she is learning to hold her own in battle rather well, she still often requires the help of her allies to bail her out. She has a deep love for dwarven ale and the fine wines of her people.

Xerda is sharp of wit and her tongue lands her in trouble on occasion. She tends to follow the saying "Though she be but little, she is fierce." Never without her two daggers, she keeps to the shadows for most of her waking time.

Xerda sticks to her guns and by the sides of her allies. She protects those who have the weight of the world working against them and those who cannot protect themselves.

History Edit

Xerda keeps her history how she keeps her enemies, buried six feet under.


Deep within a world that never was, standing on the brink of Naught, a restless spirit looks out at the great expanse of never, listening to the other lost souls residing there. She clutched her daggers tighter as she heard footsteps approaching.

"Ms. Vulpia Xerdes." Came a voice from behind her. "Your request has been granted. Prepare to disembark into the world of the living."

A sly, fox-like smile appeared on her pale lips. "And I am to do what I proposed I desire to do?"

The cloaked figure nodded. "Excellent." She turned to face the figure. She watched him flinch at the monstrosity she had become. Covered in burn wounds and gashes of various sizes, she was also missing half her right cheek, exposing the grizzly sharpened teeth to her onlooker.

"I will avenge my family's massacre to the most extreme degree. The scum must die for what they did. Beware, guilty citizens of Quelmar. You have bullets on your back. And I intend to hit my mark this time." And with that, the formidable assassin known as Xerda the Rash threw the hood of her cloak over her dragon-mauled face, sheathed her daggers, and prepared to reenter the world of Quelmar that she had left so very long ago.

Xerda married Torna after spending months on the island of Cof with him.

She and her husband would both be arrested in Vanaleigh, but would break out of jail when Reesec used his spring boots to break down the walls.

Fought in The Battle of Chad, during which she was charged for killing 3 clerics and a paladin.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Stealthiness and assassination.

Weapons Edit

Dual weilding daggers



Allies Edit


Captain Seaworth



Torna - husband

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