Xanenth is a rogue thief elf who originally appeared among the other founders of The Best Around at Traveler's Stop on Inn, but would eventually disappear for extended amounts of time on contracts and other jobs, taking him off the grid (and out of the games) until he reappeared later as a member of The Gathering Shadow, where he would fight alongside Canis and Azazel until his untimely death at the hands of Tani-Wa.

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As a member of The Gathering Shadow, Xanenth undertook mostly heist jobs. One notable job involved breaking in to the Citadel of the Levinkan to steal a map of all the graves in Zobeck's massive crypt (a city of the dead). The target was Ahghairon XI, who was staying at the citadel for another one of the Levinkan's legendary parties. While the heist was successful, Xanenth got caught up in the madness that ensued when Thokmay accidentally unleashed Ith at that very same party.

Xanenth was killed during The Battle of the Dao.

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