Xandra at the height of her escapades

Alexandra "Xandra" Pleth was the adventuring elan daughter of the legendary Xender Pleth.

About Edit

Although she had unofficially run the kingdom for years, Xandra formally inherited her father's organization in the 200s PR, decades after his disappearance.

Under Xandra's leadership, the organization became known as Pleth Ventures, and would begin drawing in more brilliant minds to examine and study the mythos of the realm. Xandra had a fascination for her father's final quest to Kiston, but it wasn't until the 700s PR that she was able to combine her resources with those of AID and The Brak Foundation to finally break through and land on the Kiston Isles.

In 769, she and her team were the first to reach the island of Cof in over 50 years, unknowingly stumbling upon the remnants of several colonies, including the first church of Kragnux, in a small town called Thwackville.

Notable Achievements Edit

  • In 611 PR, Xandra led a team in Amusa to slaughter the dragon known as Leneth.
  • In 760 PR, Xandra's team, on assignment with Pleth Ventures, were the first group to have finished a complete map of the tides of Kiston, paving the way for future groups to safely arrive on and colonize the Kiston Isles.
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