Wortgor was a minotaur slave of the Thaluul the Observer in the The Underdungeon campaign, banished to spend his life inside a cursed artifact after betraying his captor. He would later be freed but ultimately die at the hands of the Duergar who captured him and fed him to an aboleth.

History Edit

After being placed into the SoulSucking mirror of Shog, Wortgor spent over 20 years trapped. After another prisoner of Thaluul, a faithful minotaur named Torrence, took a look into the mirror, he fell victim to the curse, releasing Wortgor after all those years, and trapping himself. As Torrence had been faithful to Thaluul, Wortgor used his new cover to sneak up through the Observer's lair, where he and a crew of prisoners finally took on the beholder known as Thaluul.

With the death of his former captor, Wortgor finally escaped back into the Underdark. Months later, he would fall victim to another scheming group---a team of duergar who were mentally controlled by an aboleth. In the ensuing conflict, Wortgor would find his soul once again ripped from his new body. However, unlike his years trapped in the mirror, Wortgor could now float around as a lost soul. Deciding to never again be confined by artifact or body alike, Wartgor floated upwards, finally free.

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