Woldlin is an ancient land claimed by the Wood Elves of Quelmar as their home and point of origin. While Woldlin becmae more open and modernized over the PR era, it began life as a strict and powerful military state.

The Woldlin Principality Edit

History Edit

Woldlin has been called over a hundred names through history. The Wood Elves live in innumerous villages with councils that report to centralized mid-level councils that ultimately report back to the throne of the Ancient King. He who holds the title names the land, and King Ulwainair Woldlin reigns supreme right now. The Wood Elves are compassionate, and they see their interlinked communities as part of one large racial family or name. In some cases, this family even extends to include other natural creatures of the woodlands including the Dryads, the Satyr, and the Centaur. Many Satyr, most at home in the forests, see Woldlin as their closest ally in a war that tears apart worldly luxuries like love and music.

                However, the druidic followings of the Woldlin elves have become distorted and strict since the Holy War, where they fought alongside their High Elf brethren to defend the forests. Now slightly paranoid from the rage of war, the Wood Elves will do anything in their power to keep the woods safe, as they consider themselves the Fey Protectors of Isonhound. This rule over Isonhound has led to an isolating manifest destiny. Having pushed all others, Isonhound is swiftly approaching ownership of over half the continent. To the east, the High Elves continue to wage war against Woldlin’s oncoming forces. To the north, the humans do what they do best, survive. But to the west, Woldlin is currently surrounding several high elf communities that have impeded progress to the west coast.

                Woldlin plans to either assimilate or destroy these isolated western communities, who fight with the desperate strength of a dozen cities each. But splitting resources against three fronts at once has divided Woldlin, who now also deals with internal resistance against their draconian ideology. Some communities have banned arcane arts due to their connection with High Elf followings, and the practicing druids have resisted the attack on their powers. Now the non-magical and the magical Woldlin elves find themselves in high tensions.

As struggles internal and external continue to pressure Woldlin, it stands triumphant due to sheer size. With over a hundred elven communities home to over a hundred thousand soldiers and heroes, Woldlin continues to remain a rock among the tides. Like Levinkan, Woldlin has existed as long as the realm can remember, and plans to continue existing far into the future.