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A map of all the places traveled and explored during the Towson Tabletop campaign

Towson Tabletop was a ~50 player campaign that ran between the end of 2014 and mid 2016.

While the campaign had nearly 80 characters, took place over 100 years, and spanned all across northern and eastern Osugbo, it told a singular story of Kragnux, a deity who was born out of a player character, who would go on to be a prominent god for the next 100 years or so, and would eventually sacrifice himself in order to free Bahamut.

A major recurring event in the campaign involved the The Ten Heralds of Tiamat, a group of dragons who were said to emerge as Tiamat's return to the realm drew closer. Five of the ten were slain in this campaign, and the return of Tiamat took place in the year 793, towards the final seasons. Though the players tackled Tiamat on two occasions, it was Bahamut's return that marked their greatest effect on the second draconic war.

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