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The Tyranny of Dragons (790-795 PR) Edit

With the resurrection process well underway, Tiamat began to test her ability to summon aspects once again. The Cult of the Dragon took to Dolmvay in Osugbo in an attempted siege of the city. The fear struck in the citizens of this massive city would hopefully mark Tiamat's return to the realm. It was during the Siege of Dolmvay that Tiamat encountered Darastrix, a black shadow dragon who was still alive in the realm. Tiamat seduced Darastrix and had him seek out the Draconic Redeemers and the Keepers of the Teeth, two dragonborn factions in Pteris that had always believed Tiamat would return one day.

Though Tiamat was struck down by the combined forces of Kragnux and Vecna, the siege proved that she was regaining enough power to return to the realm. Tiamat would later test her aspect summoning abilities by raging similar attacks on Xender City in Amusa, as well as small hamlets in Pteris such as Cultivar. In each successive attack, she appeared more capable and stronger, as her followers were gaining hope and convincing more to join their cause with each appearance.

Tiamat would finally emerge in full form in 795 PR, where her first priority was killing the Kiston Guardians and releasing the rest of the dragons back into the world.

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