Warforged prejudice

Protests like these popped up realm wide soon after the Warforged race went public

The War of the Forged was a period of turmoil that lasted for over 45 years, but formally was fought between the years 730 PR and 744 PR.

While the conflicts of the War of the Forged primarily took place in the north (specifically Isonhound, Osugbo, and Levinkan) there were several small but important clashes in the south.

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A small number of Warforged created by the WarforgedLord Snow first entered the realm around 700 PR, these Warforged were peculiarities, and artificers would often travel weeks to get the chance to meet one. By 709 PR, however, all of the original models had been dissected and reworked by artificers around the realm. Breakthroughs made by studying these Warforged precursors would help expedite a small mechanical revolution around the realm, including the perfection of Colin Pendergras' Autom.

When Snow had found out that his first wave of Warforged were all disassembled within the decade, he knew that the realm had to first overcome its own prejudices before Warforged would be accepted into society as a normal race.

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Warforged protest

Warforged of Isonhound rally around a demagogic leader

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As a result of the war, races across the realm would come to accept the Warforged as their own sentient species, and not as constructed servants. While particularly stubborn individuals may sill have held resentment, the realm as a whole would treat Warforged just as they would any other race by 745 PR.

Despite the ongoing loss of life, the Warforged never took pride in doing what needed to be done for acceptance.

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  • The unifying of various Warforged groups for recognition and the war itself draws on historical conflicts such as the unification of China under the Qin dynasty