The Shadowfell is a plane of shadow that eclipses the Material plane, often times intersecting and forming various portals.

Description Edit

The Shadowfell is a plane of imitation. Copying the physical landscape of the material plane, forming shadowy houses and towns where real civilization cropped up on Quelmar. It also imitated the mountains, seas, and valleys of Quelmar's landscape, forming dark oceans and black peaks.

Near points of convergence with the material plane, the immediate mile will appear roughly in the same shape, condition, or form as the material plane around the jumper. This also occurs when using blackstones or other means of plane jumping. This means that jumping between one point will cause that shadow scape to persist, as long as it is visited often enough. Beyond points of convergence, the plane scopes out into infinite darkness and twisting shadowy landscapes, which draw their inspiration from nearby material elements, but converge and shake in such a way that it's never as clear an echo as that found near convergence points.

Several key locations, exist in the Shadowfell as overlapping demiplanes, and are untouched by the twisting shadow. Often they mark imprisonments for "Dark Lords".

The only lasting material here is shadow, which can be infinitely found in all directions. Otherwise, the solidity of the realm is dependant on its echo of the material realm. A house built in the material realm will cause a ripple in the shadow realm, giving the shadow there the form of a house.

Despair Edit

Usually once a day, creatures not native to the shadow that spend more than a few hours in the plane experience uneasy feelings which manifest themselves as madness, dread, or many other terrifying emotions.

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Valley of Barovia (with Castle Ravenloft)
  • The Demiplane of Dread
  • Darkdin (imitation of Dardin)
  • Shadespar (imitation of Jewelspar)