The Holy War was a 100 year long war between Tiamat and the other Quelmar Deities that began in 895 BR and ended in 995 BR with the death of the last known dragon of Tiamat. The end of the Holy War ushered in a new chapter in Quelmar's history known as the "Post-Reckoning" or PR era.

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Though the mortals of Quelmar were celebrating the defeat of the dragons, a disastrous reality still lurked. Those of Tiamat's dragonkin who had survived skirmishes with the gods and their soldiers fled back to Kiston on her command. Knowing where Tiamat's final forces had fled, the Quelmar pantheon forged together a divine lock on the continent. A powerful curse kept any creatures from getting in or out of the mainland. The curse was sustained by a group of powerful guardians, each one strong enough to take on any number of forces trying to get to where the dragons slept. Only if the guardians were slain could the curse be unlocked.