The Fingers of Kragnux was the formal name for a group of 10 paladins more commonly known as "The Kragnux Crusaders".

The Fingers served under The Friends of Kragnux.

Formation Edit

The Fingers were founded in 707 PR as the first line of defense for the newly reformed Kragnux church. Pope Xoniface himself personally requested their creation, and sent them to join the front lines of the ongoing draconic crusades as a sign of good faith from the Kragnux religion.

The Crusades Edit

During the crusades, the Crusaders traveled in groups of two, joined typically by a handful of clerics and an Autom or two.

Reformation Edit

After the death of Pope Felix and the appointment of Pope Zarachiel, the Fingers were internally conflicted.

Notable Members of the Fingers Edit

Player Characters Edit

Non Player Characters Edit

  • Olm
    • One of the original Crusaders, who lived to see all of the extinctions, but was later murdered in cold blood by the vanara known as Atman after retiring to the town of Thetsu at the age of 97
  • Clapperclaw
    • Clapperclaw was responsible for killing Pete when he reappeared after the 100 year jump on the island of Cof.
  • Tactux
  • Brosh
    • One of the last Crusaders to be appointed, Brosh would face judicial justice in the aftermath of the church's dissolution. His trial was held in Manquel.
  • Snick
  • Natch
  • Scornt
  • Scratch
  • Tackle
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