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Rocks from the Feywild would exhibit native magical properties, and these properties would lead to Quelmar natives to label Feywild rock as Wovenstone.

Natives of the Feywild Edit

The Green Man (Oran Porphario, Mother Nature's Son) Edit

In a small microplane of the Feywild known as Porphario's Garden, a demi-being known as The Green Man was the gardener who kept watch over all of the exotic species of plants and animals, many of them extinct in the Material plane. Like his many pets, he was happy to live in harmony with those not attempting to hurt the garden. He is always aware of any violence committed within his garden, and will breathe his assailants into topiaries.

Edgar Edit

Edgar was discovered by Doraleous during his trip to Porphario's garden, where he adopted the otter after its mother abandoned it.

Creatures of the Feywild Edit

  • Unicorns
  • Dire Otters
  • Centaurs
  • Treants
  • Barkburrs
  • Firedrakes
  • Giant Frogs
  • Old World Dryads
  • Leprechauns

Notable Locations Edit

Porphario's Garden (See The Green Man) Edit

  • Home to many extinct Quelmar species including Unicorns and Old World Dryads
  • Home of the "Fountain All Heal" which is said to cure all poison, save lost EXP, restore memories, dispel confusion, charm, and any hypnosis. It does not restore lost limbs. However, the water is said to be so delicious those who drink it are cursed to want to forever stay within Porphario's garden and preserve themselves like the rest of the Green Man's pets.