The Cliffedge Guild (Also written Cliffedge™) is a for-profit organization which helps recruit groups of heroes who believe themselves to be worthy of taking on quests for the 'greater good'. Cliffedge was founded early in the PR era as a way for humanoids and other civilized folk to rediscover the realm and come out of hiding from the dragons. Since then, it reached all four major continents, having headquarters in most major cities.

Registration Information Edit

Prerequisites Edit

  • Groups must have a catchy name.
  • Groups must list their 'founding' members.
  • Groups must have at least one recommendation from an already esteemed member or another notable member of the local chapter's city (mayor, duke, etc).

Benefits Edit

  • Groups wishing to register under Cliffedge get exclusive access to quests and rumors that the organization gathers.
  • 20% off all adventuring items sanctioned by the guild at participating locaitons
  • Access to guild knowledge and their database of important and knowledgeable persons
  • Access to the hiring of guild henchmen, hirelings, and lackeys.

Costs Edit

  • Groups must give 10% of coinage found during quests or gifted during quests back to the guild. This taxation also pays the groups' dues.

Guild Positions Edit

  • Regional Grand Master - this person leads Continent Sector. 
  • City Guild Master(s) - reports to the RGM and controls the guild in a city, sits on the City Council and deals with policy at a high level. Corrive Stormwind of Rwendia/Dolmvay is an example of a CGM.
  • Chapter/Lodge Council Members - runs the lodge, scheduling meetings, handling moneys - reports to the LM. 
  • Chapter/Lodge Officers - just a break down of the higher positions within the lodge, things like security officer, Magical officer, R&D. 
  • Chapter/Lodge Support Staff - record keepers, sellers/merchants, smiths, etc. 
  • Chapter/Lodge Adventure Party Leaders - player characters that look after their paries affairs. 
  • Chapter/Lodge Adventure Party Members - just the party. 
  • Chapter/Lodge Hirelings - single player characters.