The Baleah Crossing
Vital statistics
Type Bridge
Governing Power No formal owenership
Location East Levinkan to Southeast Osugbo
Inhabitant Race All
The Baleah Crossing is Quelmar's largest bridge, connecting the continents of Levinkan and Osugbo, with a small island in the middle marking the center point of the crossing. The makeup and sturdiness of the bridges varied over time, as it was a popular target of malicious attacks.

About Edit

Originally, the crossing did not have a formal name. A variety of ferrying services would take crowds from one continent to another.

Ferrying across the ocean would become reckless and dangerous after 181 BR when the Infernal Emergence caused several small whirlpools to open up along the crossing channel. These whirlpools were used to drain Quelmar's oceans as mortals and devils fought in Quelmar's first recorded war with a neighboring plane.

When ferrying no longer became a viable option, the first full length crossing bridge was founded by Baleah Andrews in 207 BR. Baleah was a druid who conjured a magical vine that bridged over several miles. Though his vine would be attacked many times until the Infernal Emergence ended in 246 BR, Baleah would use his legendary druidic power to mend the vine and keep a safe passage going.

Though the emergence ended, several of these whirlpools remained, keeping a permanent link from Quelmar to the ten hells. Those who would fall off of the Baleah crossing over the years would either die upon impact, or if they were unlucky, would plunge directly into hell itself.

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