Vital statistics
Type Large Town
Governing Power Authoritarian (LaCroix controlled)
Location The East Hills, Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Human, Dhampir, Vampire
Tawarakami was a controlled city of the LaCroix empire during the mid PR era. It was here that the LaCroix kept a museum of their finest artifacts and rarest items, which were almost all stolen from locations around the realm.

Notable Locations Edit

Musée LaCroix Edit

The LaCroix museum in Tawarakami was known as Musée LaCroix, and housed a variety of magic artifacts such as a Draconic Soul Cell. An example list of other known artifacts in the museum includes:

  • Blessed Bandages
  • Skill Shards
  • Everfull Mug
  • Unguent of Timelessness
  • Tanglepatch
  • Compendium of Xygag
  • Harlequin's Mask
  • Orb of Invasive Fortunes
  • Weapon of First Blood

Notable Events Edit

Stealing from the Stealers Edit

The Best Around would sneak into Tawarakami in 795 PR and steal the Draconic Soul Cell from the LaCroix collection as part of their plan to destroy the dragon known as Ith. This gained the attention of Edgar La Croix who would then begin a political assault on The Friends of Kragnux. It was this ongoing tension that ultimately led to his death at the hands of Sir Morswyn and the inheritance of Rose to the throne.

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