Sir Morswyn, Protector of Shimatama, was a paladin of Pelor.

Sir Morswyn and Squire Bart, protectors of Shimatama

About Edit

Morswyn was a Tiefling native of Shimatama before joining The Best Around. He grew up under the mentorship of Lord Taro.

History Edit

He returned to Shimatama after the Friends of Kragnux was reorganized and the old regime (i.e. Skelya) had been slain. Hoping to learn more about his devilish heritage, he inadvertently had his prayers answered when he was caught up in the Infernal Emergence.

Morswyn would recieve a message from his god Pelor in 795 PR asking for him to join with the leagues of Pelorian paladins around the world on a new crusade against Tiamat and her army of Dragons. Though he had already worked for The Friends of Kragnux, this calling would cause Morswyn to sever his ties to the church and once again join his own god's crusades.

Thus, Morswyn and his squire headed to Cof where they would face the oncoming draconic army. While there, they gained the trust and mutual respect of Willow, who they had learned also had a connection to Lord Taro from her early years.

Bart Edit


Bart, Morswyn's squire turned knight.

Bart was Morswyn's squire who joined him officially as a member of The Best Around after their incorporation with The Friends of Kragnux. Morswyn's first set of armor was stolen by Willow, leading to animosity among the teammates. He would later be assigned by the church to investigate Tani-Wa, who the church falsely believed was connected to the return of Tiamat.
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