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Sick of this Shit was a 3 player campaign that ran in two parts between 2013 and 2017.

Sick of this Shit games typically ran about 4 hours (which great exceptions), and were broken up into 4 seasons. Part 1 of the campaign saw the foundation of their own company, which was later spun off into the Sick of this Shit Incorporated campaign.

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The team after which the campaign was named consisted originally of Anema E. Core, Zugs McFlair, and Doraleous. However, over the years since their formation, the team gathered several others:

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The Dragonborn son of the Rwendia captain of the guard, Reelo made good friends with Doraleous during his time in Rwendia, where the two of them bonded over being untraditional looking members of society. However, even though Reelo would travel with the team for several more months, even liberating Quarrytown with them, he departed after getting recruited by the Cult of the Dragon. Reelo's son would later face Sick of this Shit nearly 100 years later, but would escape with his life after ensuing the other dragonborn never witnessed his cowardice.

Gustavo Gonzales Edit

The gnome druid known as Gustavo only joined Sick of this Shit during their quests in Holtston and Breme. A fan of Anema's music in the Holtston tavern, he offered to join Anema as a friend and magical companion. After the adventuring trail proved to be tough, Gustavo later resorted to playing housekeeper to the team's secret hideout in the Breme mountains. Nearly a year later, the team returned to find his corpse grotesquely eaten by a polar bear.

Kel'an L'ornel Edit

The elf druid known as Kel only joined Sick of this Shit momentarily as they traveled through the Tovag Baragu with him. Shortly after merging with their edditionals, Kel was killed by cultists of Vecna. When asked about Kel, members of Sick of this Shit mostly say "Oh yeah he was a thing once I think".

Grumble Fist-patrick Edit

Real name Gary Fahrts, the man who used the psuedonym Grumble was a member of Sick of this Shit Inc and replacement rogue when Anema was separated from the team for nearly 100 years. Grumble was a double agent of Killis Goodman, and kept tabs on Anema and others while working by his side as a smart-mouthed assassin. Grumble almost sprung Anema picked Grumble to join him for years of adventuring because Grumble reminded him of Zugs, who Anema was continuously obsessed with.

Crumble Fitzpatrick Edit

Real name Chadrein Furzahl, Crumble was a halfling druid who was obsessed with following Grumble Fist-patrick because he was madly in love with him, even choosing a pseudonym that followed in the same pattern. It was this love that caused him to follow Grumble in joining Anema and taking on the Cult of the Dragon the first time around.

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A child of Doraleous and his faerie forests, Viralious accidentally broke down the doors to a shop and was arrested for breaking and entering. He was released from any convictions, but this was the first time he heard of the group known as Sick of this Shit Inc. Viralious was excited by the prospects of adventuring, and would commit small crimes in order to infiltrate the rehabilitation center. It was here that he was noticed by Anema and offered a job to join him on his future adventures. Eager to impress, Viralious joined Anema, Crumble, and Grumble for many jobs, and eventually got to meet his creator Doraleous when the team was finally reunited.

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Part 1 (2013-2015): Edit

Season 1: Welcome to Quelmar Edit

Season 1 revolved around the characters introduction to Quelmar and ended with them slaying their first dragon. In this season we saw them meet each other, save Rwendia from Kleckless Racoba, start a coup in Quarrytown, free Reelo's cousin, and get trapped in an ancient temple underground.

Season 2: Journey through Fire and Frost Edit

Season 2 revolved around supernatural phenomenon and saw them explore new continents and witness terrible events. In this season we saw them fight off a siege in Rwendia, escort the survivors to a sanctuary town, save that sanctuary town from a draconian menace, kill werewolves, make new friends, travel to the ice continent breme, and ultimately witness Kleckless' return as he kills Doraleous' family.

Season 3: Politics and Portal Tricks Edit

Season 3 revolved around political intrigue and plane-jumping, featuring two of the more famous plot lines (Sneerwell and the Tovag Baragu).

Season 4: The Oppidan War Edit

Their last season brought them back to their roots, as they explored the two most important areas of Season 1 years later, and saw how their actions effected both Quarrytown (or Minetown as they remembered it) and the Oppidan peninsula.

Part 2 (2015-2017): Edit

After founding their company and moving away from their heroic days, the Cinematic Series were a group of one-off games held on holidays and other important times of the year. Each of these revolved around a particular villain, theme, or battle, and typically ran between 5 and 7 hours.

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