Vital statistics
Type Village
Governing Power Monasticism
Location East Hills, Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Human
Shimatama is a village located in the hills of Osugbo that still has heavy links to the Troverth Dynasty that used to reside in the territory.

 About Edit

Honor Shield Edit

Shimatama is notable for its "Honor Shield", a device that encapsulates the town with an aura that detects good and evil. Creatures of evil passions will glow a brilliant red, while good hearted souls glow a brilliant blue. The town is mostly concerned with those who do not give off an aura, as their hearts are easily swayed and they are in need of "rescue".

Protectors Edit

Shimatama is home to a group of paladins raised from a young age to protect its citizens under wise and honorable traditions. One notable protector was Sir Morswyn, who began a streak of 5 raid-free years before he was brought into The Best Around to take his legendary protection skills into a realm-wide arena.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Lord Taro, an elderly human, Taro is the village chief and spiritual leader
  • Sir Morswyn, protector of the city
    • Bart, Morswyn's apprentice.
  • 7, a hermit warforged who ran from her creators and spent decades hiding off the beaten path in this little sanctuary of a town.
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