Reelojawair Darastrixas, draconic for Dominating Dragon, was a descendent of the dragonborn natives of Kiston. The Darastrixas bloodline goes all the way back to fabled Wer Taoul di Raelgili (City of Crystals), an underground city beneath the Kiston mainland

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Reelo was born into a pretty wealthy family in the Crystal City. His ancestors were part of the Dragonborn Royal Reign. His great great grandmother would help to harvest crops and sometimes clean the crystals the miners mined. Two years after he was born, Pteris elves had started a war with 109 wild half orcs in the Pteris mountains. They were banned from all territory the elves claimed for being half orc and their parents were executed by the guillotine for mating with an orc. The orcs and half orcs fought back successfully, leaving the elves with very little. So, after this war, the elven people were desperate. After everything they lost, they still had a very good military, desperate to claim more land, they attacked the secret Dragonborn tribes that had also taken to living in the mountains.

His Father and Mother were living in the Fiddlehead mountains at the time, and were tied and thrown into the deepest and unexplored part of the caves. He survived because of our family friend. Grumgrog came to see if his parents were staying or evacuating the region. As he checked the house, he came across Reelojawair's room and found him crying in his crib. His father was such a good friend of Grumgrog, he couldn't leave his son behind. So, he took Reelojawair back to his house. He packed as much food as he could carry and evacuated with Reelo and his two wolves. The one wolf was a mother and the other was her pup. He made it to Rwendia at Oppidan where he found a small, but nice house.

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