Randor was a wood elf ranger who briefly traveled with The Best Around in their earliest days.

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Randor was there on the first day that Brightflame was discovered at the Traveler's Stop on Inn.

When Randor was caught sneaking around Dolmvay, he was taken to join his associate Kragnux, who was already in heavy talks with the President of the city. Instead of getting pardoned, he was instead tasked to join Kragnux on a mission of terrifying scale...confronting a real live dragon in a dungeon.

Randor and his pals eventually confronted Corduth in his vault of stolen magical goods, but while Pete and Amra escaped, Pabor turned heel and joined Corduth. Together, the two of them stopped Randor from escaping, killing him as he fled from the dragon's hoard.

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Juno Delthorne


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