Race Features Edit

Ability Bonus: +2 Str

Speed: 30 Feet

Sight: Darkvision 120 Feet

Age: Savage and self-surviving, Quaggoths reach maturity at the age of 1, and live until about 30.

Languages: Undercommon

Size: Quaggoths are considered medium creatures, growing up to 7 and a half feet tall.

Venomous Nature: Quaggoths are born with immunity to poison (this includes both damage and the condition).

Servants of the Drow: Quaggoths have disadvantage on Charisma checks and saving throws against Drow.

Sub Races (Must pick one of the below): Edit

- Mauler:

  • Ability Bonus: -5 Int, +1 Dex
  • Wounded Fury: When a Quaggoth is at or under a quarter of it's max HP, it gains advantage on melee attack rolls.

- Thonot:

  • Ability Bonus: -3 Int, +1 Wis
  • Psionic Suffusion: Expose to psionic energy in the Underdark has granted you the personal power of feather fall (at will).
    • At 5th level, you gain cure wounds (1/day)
    • At 10th level, you also know mage hand (at will).