Quelmar's Prehistory is made up of all of the events in the Quelmar Timeline before humans arrived in the realm around the year 0 BR.

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Very little is known for sure about the history of Quelmar before humans arrived in year 0 as there was no sense of time. The races of Quelmar would adapt to the invention of "time" by humans, but otherwise were uncivilized enough that keeping track of time, at least in the record keeping sense, was meaningless. However, it is known that long before humans arrived, there were two great wars. The Territory Wars and the Plane Wars. Another event, much less documented, was the Pixie Nixings, which is rumored to have been the reason why Quelmar has magic at all. This era of Quelmar may have lasted a hundred years, or may have lasted several million. Very little is left from the prehistoric times of Quelmar, but when something from prehistory emerges, you can be certain it is very powerful, and very alien.

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