Osugbo was the chosen land for many cultures, a beautiful and bountiful land of forests, rivers, plains, and occasional peaks. The weather in Osugbo may have gotten wet, but it was never too cold or too warm.

Kingdoms Edit


Post Realm War: Osugbo's Kingdoms

DolmHarm Edit

Glendoveer Edit

Levinkan Edit

No Man's Edit

Steelhand Edit

Troverth Edit

Domains Edit


Post Calvary Rush: Osugbo's Domains

Alest Edit

Diimgard Edit

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Geography Edit

  • Dolm Bay
  • Dolm River
  • Harm River

Bigaji Ho Edit

  • Wyvern Mountain

East Hills Edit

Noma Edit

  • Suthcrest
  • Lonwi
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