Orris was one of the OathWielders who traveled the realm as heroes caught in the great Realm War. Like others who were under The Curse of Life, Orris would pass away at the Griffon's Last Stand.

Physical Appearance Edit

A Satyr of medium stature and alluring features, Orris stands 5'11", half man, half goat, all horny. Orris weights 160 pounds, or 11 and a half stone. Orris is the campaign's resident satyr bard. Sporting rust red hair and fur, a green traveling coat, nose ring, and weathered black hooves, Orris draws a weary and lustful eyes alike.

Personality Edit

Orris begins and ends his days with "small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around him".

Orris is open to learning.

Orris values Freedom and would never let anyone take it from him.

History Edit

Orris was born not knowing what race, type, or lineage of fey his family of fauns hail from, and so, having no stake in either side of the politics, seeked to escape the war destorying his home forest and travel afar to find prosperity and sanctuary.

Orris' first recorded interaction with slave traders came in the form of the Shinardi of Osugbo, who planned to pawn off his horns and hooves before selling him and his friends off. Not only did Orris fight off the ninjas, he saved all the other kidnapped slaves in the process. From that day, Orris made it a priority to ensure freedom to every person he encountered on his quest around the realm.

Orris would eventually learn that his lineage was in fact elven, being related to the Rhivir blood line, sometimes called "The Livers".

Languages Edit

  • Sylvan
  • Common
  • Elvish
  • Goblin

Powers and Abilities Edit

A Jack of all Trades, Orris is known to be an avid user of Sleep Magic and a lashing tongue....... Not that way you wanker.

Orris is also a powerful bard who can inspire his allies and cast terrific enchantments. Those who sleep with Orris sleep under the song of rest. ;)

Orris also knows every slur and the book and can hurt you where it really hurts.

Weapons & Instruments Edit

Orris wields daggers, rapiers, crossbows, and his own horns.

Orris plays the Pan Flute, the Lute, the Bodhran drum, and with your heart.

His Cunning Wit and Diplomacy.

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