Wvictor Niebelung is an Illumian Mystic researcher from the Corpsus Academy, from the Order of the Awakened.

About Edit

A student from Champerty, Niebelung hopes to get to Galik and attend to the largest libraries in the realm.

Languages Edit

  • Common
  • Illumian
  • Elvish
  • Dwarven

Weapons Edit

  • Mace
  • Crossbow Lite

Powers Edit

  • Light Step
  • Mantle of Awe
  • Aura of Sight
  • Psionic Restoration
  • The psionic blast one

Companion Edit

Niebelung has an imaginary companion he convenes with and acts only upon its blessing.

Current Members EveOrrisDrakeNiebelungRohaKelJulian
Former Members DuskyKulu