Vital statistics
Type Village
Governing Power Democracy
Location Levinkan
Inhabitant Race Vanara, Humanoids
Nettlegrove is a forest town in northwestern Levinkan. It is known for its heavy Vanara population in the late PR era.

About Edit

Nettlegrove has one small prison, where Torna and Xerda were imprisoned after being suspected of helping a Dragonborn, an act which was illegal at the time.

Vanara youth who grew up in Nettlegrove were notorious for acts of vandalism and general hoodlum activity in the surrounding forests, and would often accost travelers on the road. One such ambush led to the temporary incarceration of Reesec after he killed a particularly troublesome Vanara. Luckily the vanara Riiko was able to broker a payment for the damages done, only to be also killed by Reesec shortly after.