Neilsfort is a small but dense town in northern Osugbo.

Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Governing Power Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitant Race Unknown

About Edit

Neilsfort was home to a hospital known as "Staveweld's Medical Center". Sheriff Cage took Reesec, Esimal, and Pete here after their near-death experiences at the Traveler's Stop on Inn. However, their facilities were deemed lacking and the group traveled eastwards towards Dolmvay.

Neilsfort was also home to the base of operations of the bounty hunter Areesi until she was tracked down and almost murdered by fellow bounty hunter Reaper. She was rescued (and then joined) The Best Around after a portal was opened between Neilsfort and Dolmvay via the Gauntlet of Gate.

Count Ernfred was a representative of Neilsfort but little else is known about him.

Neilsfort was also a member of the RiverGuard.

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