Pictured: Half-Orc female, Adult Chimera, Mutated Chimera.

The Mutated Chimera were a series of 10 creatures created and imprisoned in early the early BR era by a series of powerful warlocks.

The Warlocks Edit

Asaug, Hygewald, and Durmundri Capella were three magical brothers who lived around the beginning of recorded history. At the time, magic was hardly something to be controlled, and those who chose to dabble in it fought strange consequences. In attempts to become immortal, the three brothers studied magic, and even attended a showing of magical abilities hosted by a then-mortal Vecna. It was Vecna who had showed them powerful secrets about magic and tempted them to reach immortality. They tested their experiments on a herd of Chimera that lived in the nearby caverns. The experiments did not live up to expectations. Though the vitality of the chimera were increased, so were their rage and their power. The chimera quickly fled their captors and led an era of war known as The Chimera Containment Wars, as the realm tried to capture and stop the attacks from the 10 monstrous beasts.

The warlocks themselves would later learn how to become liches, and would be punished for the attacks by being buried alive...leaving them trapped until their awakening in the year 691 PR.

The Chimera Containment Wars Edit

Mutations Edit

The effects of the tainted magic granted the chimeras several unique properties.

Vitality and Strength Edit

The mutated creatures had nearly twice the life force of a normal chimera, and grew to over twice their size. With the increase in size, the mutated chimeras became far more lethal than a typical chimera.

Breath Weapons Edit

Unlike a typical chimera, who has a fire breath weapon (usually emmited from the dragon), the mutated chimera have access to 3 to 6 different types of breath weapons, which are usually split up among the 3 heads. These can include acid breath, ice breath, and poison breath.

Immunities Edit

The most lethal part of a mutated chimera includes its ability to shield itself from external threats. A mutated chimera has a faint glow of either Red, Blue, or Green. Depending on the glow, the chimera activates a different immunity which keeps it from being damaged by either magic, melee attacks, or ranged attacks.

Locations Edit

  1. Sneerwell (Slaughtered by SotS)
  2. Nymphsview (Slaughtered by the Shadow Queens)
  3. Jewelspar (Slaughted by Archmage Nimz)
  4. Galik (Slaughtered by city forces)
  5. Sarcof (Slaughtered by Xender Pleth)
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  7.  ?
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  10.  ?

The Battle of E Core Arena (The Sneerwell Chimera) Edit