Vital statistics
Type Bisectioned City
Governing Power High: Presidency, Low: Anarchy
Location Oppidan, Pteris
Inhabitant Race Humanoids

Lunas is the collective name for a province which really should be considered two segregated zones of the city: High Lunas and Low Lunas.

High Lunas Edit

High Lunas was only accessible by the wealthy and the powerful. A day's pass into High Lunas cost 25 GP, which was more than most peasants made in a year. Over time, the price fluctuated, meaning that entrance into High Lunas would be anywhere between 10 GP and 50 GP. Those who could not pay the price and receive a temporary pin would be banned from entering.

The Shadow Man and Shade Maiden Edit

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Golden Aslylum, the realm's second largest bank, home to protective services for nobles, kings, and the wealthy from across nearly all of Quelmar.
  • The Mythril Theatre
  • The Oppidan Library
  • Wealthy Yards

Specialties Edit

In Oppidan, High Lunas was considered to have the best

  • Animals and Pets
  • Manors
  • Camping and Travel Supplies
  • Ships
  • Arcane Materials
  • Brewing

Low Lunas Edit

Low Lunas existed completely ignored by High Lunas for many years following the segregation. The first steps towards unification took place in 693 PR when a noble from High Lunas went undercover as "The Beggar Prince" and assisted a passionate leader in Low Lunas who called himself "The Red Sash". Together the two of them started a violent uprising, that led to Lord Luiras to allocate budget towards fighting the blight in Low Lunas.

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Blood Market, a black market that sells things that rogues may need. Also dabbles in brothel services.
  • The Poor Quarters Graveyard
  • The Shaded Lamp
  • The Council of Wrath Headquarters

Specialties Edit

In Oppidan, High Lunas was considered to have the best

  • Mercenaries
  • Poisons
  • Illegal items
  • Scrying and other clairvoyant Magic

Mid Lunas Edit

Initially just a guard outpost, Mid Lunas grew to be a small community of like minded individuals from both sides of the river in the aftermath of The Oppidan War.