Lucied was a Barbarian Lupine Sailor.

Physical Appearance Edit

Light grey eyes, dark olive skin with tribal tattoos, blackish grey hair.

Lucied was about 47, 5'11" and 210 lbs.

Personality Edit

Lucied had a tendency to stretch the truth for the sake of a good story, but he valued fairness above all else. As a Lupine, his pack sense was strong and he believed everyone should be rewarded equally and work equally as hard.

He was loyal to whoever he deemed "the alpha". A bit of a hot head, Lucied never backs down when someone questions his courage.


Lucied had several tattoos from his tribe.

History Edit

Lucied was named after a divine Wolf Guardian. In his home tribe, the Wolf Guardian Lucied served Nephyths, the goddess of grief.

Lucied was a guardian of his tribal lands.

Lucied traveled with The Best Around to Cof and would be flung 100 years into the future to deal with the drama involving The Best Around. From then, he would mostly serve as a member of the pack, fighting and taking jobs as the team (and later the church) saw fit.

Lucied would join Thokmay in recovering The Last Witness from the The Crossed Hilt.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Lucied was Moon Mad, which gave him insanity during full moons, but he also had the Strenght of the Pack, allowing him to give all his allies (up to 20 feet away) the ability to hit harder and dodge faster.

As a barbarian, Lucied also had typical powers such as Danger Sense and Rage.

As a Spirit Seeker, Lucied could cast beast sense and speak with animals at will.

Weapons Edit

Two longswords, a dagger, and most notably a boomerang.

Allies Edit


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