Quelmar Domains

After the abolishment of Kingdoms during the Cavalry Rush in the early PR era, Quelmar was broken up geographically and demographically into several Domains, which marked grouped cultures together by history, race, or shared economies. Domains typically were not run like kingdoms, and by the time of their formation, the realm had dissolved mostly into city-states and other interlinked small economies. Below is a list of all of the Quelmar Domains.

Amusa Edit

  • Cauldomo
  • Dolina
  • Galik
  • Gulfithorpe Isles
  • The Kingdom of Xender Pleth
  • Lugg
  • Sotchala
  • Troverth
  • Wistness

Isonhound Edit

  • Nemoreous 
  • Rovlad 
  • Shongle 
  • Sylvanry 
  • Tanquam 
  • Trarrain 
  • Vergus 
  • Woldlin 

Kiston Edit

Kiston would not be mapped during the initial Calvary Rush, but in the late PR era as the mainland was unlocked, explorers designated Kiston into 3 domains.

  • Xitial 
  • Lamort 
  • Mountiferous Peaks

Levinkan Edit

  • East Levinkan
  • West Levinkan

Osugbo Edit

  • Alest 
  • Diimgard 
  • Bigaji Ho
  • East Hills
  • Noma 

Pteris Edit

  • Clowre 
  • Flaughtland 
  • Oppidan 
  • Scurflink 
  • Spineswad 
  • Veldel 
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