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This list contains all known instances of groups which have banded together and claimed themselves to be adventurers, mercenaries, or otherwise heroes of the realm.

Registered Under CliffedgeEdit

The Best Around Edit

Sick of this Shit Edit

Clan Scales Edit

  • Based out of Pteris
  • Led by half-orc Barbarian Theodora Dumein
  • Made mostly of half-orc and dragonborn barbarians, Clan Scales played a vital role in the Oppidan War, paying for the resurrection of Nimz' would-be assassins.

Competence Edit


  • Based out of Pteris
  • Led by Ranger Elf Kilp Whitebow

Blackwheel Company Edit

  • Based out of Pteris
  • Led by Changeling Rogue Amina Fawneye, also known as "The Social Chameleon"

Smite Club Edit

  • Based out of Pteris
  • Led by the Bard/Paladin Human Janus Benedict
  • Rule #1: Don't talk about Smite Club

Alekai's Thrashers Edit

Groggarts Edit

  • Based out of Dolmvay
  • Entirely Halfling membership
  • Led by the Halfling Wizard Zenyon

The Unfed Edit

  • Based out of Flaughtland, Pteris
  • Consisted of a Necromancer and his tribal Thri-Kreen scavenger friend
  • Were present at the very first trip of the Perturb Iron Horse

Registered Under Sick of this Shit Inc. Edit

The Shadow Queens Edit

Sick of this Shit Inc. Edit

IFU - Independent, Freelance, and Unregistered Edit

The Chaos Controllers Edit

  • Led by the elf ranger Rioradan
    • Other members include Tana Shemov the human bard, Holg Khalid the orc warlock, and Biri Leagallow the halfling rogue.
  • Formed in Galik, Amusa, but mostly traveled through Levinkan and Osugbo.
  • All four adventurers met in the same orphanage and found their call to action when their caretaker was attacked by a grell.
  • The CC were briefly registered with Cliffedge in Galik, but left the organization as they wanted to take their heroics on the road.
  • They recieved much criticism, they spent as much time traveling and bragging and putting on expensive shows as they did heroics. They slayed a small draconic looking salamander and paraded its corpse for months so that the relam would call them dragon slayers.

The NWO Edit

  • Isonhound based clan
  • Led by the Paladin Patrick Paladin
  • Fought off Bullywugs and dwarven ghosts.
  • Stopped the resurrection of Vezoth

The Lich Banes Edit

Animal Storm Edit

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