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Leishport (also sometimes referred to as Leischport) is a small but bustling town in the Diimgard region, that was packed very densely as it was within the remains of an old military fortress.

Leishport was a founding member of the RiverGuard.

History Edit

The Kobold's Siege Edit

During the height of the Hertak Kobolds' siege on Diimgard, a siege on Dolmvay's magic stores put the domain on high alert. But less often reported is the simultanous attack on Leishport that took place. Being much smaller and less defended than Dolmvay, Leishport was ravaged by the relentless attack by the Goblin-Kobold forces. By the first light of morning, the city had been completely cleaned out of magical items, runes, and artifacts--which all now belonged to Corduth.

A large reason for the Kobold sucess was the use of suppressive fire from hundreds of small untrained goblinoid archers around the perimeter of the city. Being outside was dangerous as fleeing citizens were pelted with a random volley of arrows.

The Benefit Concert Edit

Following its destruction, a benefit concert hosted by Stumblebum was held on the site of the cleanup, with cleanup volunteers getting treated to a performance. The concert, however, was interrupted by the arrival of the Chaos Controllers, who paraded a draconic corpse and coerced those who had already lost everything to pay up to witness the beast. Stumblebum and Kragnux swiftly worked to restore the peace.

Notable Locations Edit

Shops Edit

  • Picks and Lances
  • The Mole's Bolt
  • The Dancer's Library
  • The Cat's Hatchet
  • Patch Mercanto
  • Moon Acorn
  • The Creamy Moor

The Nest of Runestones Edit

A magic shop run by the Artificer Taman Dotsk, the Nest was home to a handful of truly ancient runes, and an assemblage of modern artifacts which were likely made out of Wovenstone. The shop was destroyed by the kobold siege, but not before Taman and The Best Around emptied its inventory by using the magical runes against the attackers.

The Golden Mug Edit

The Golden Mug was a popular tavern in the gnomish ghetto of Leishport, and a favorite of Henric. Snow and fellow Warforged 7 also visited the Golden Mug with a few allies (Colin and Doraleous) on their quest to determine how the golem known as Streak could have gained sentience. However, despite their wisdom, the tinkering gnomes at the Mug had no valuable insight. Instead, the group was caught in a crossfire as Henric, now wanted for his involvement in Zobeck, had a bounty on his head. As a group of bounty hunters (namely Reesec and Reaper) arrived to capture Henric, things got violent fast.

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