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Vital statistics
Type Town
Governing Power Elected Mayor
Location Northwest Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Human, Elf

Larm is a small town located on the Dolm River in the northwest corner of Osugbo. Besides the main city, it also runs a small harbor on the Dolm River and operates the nearby Traveler's Stop on Inn.

The city is ruled by a bloodline that has been elected fairly for several decades, the Rusticus. The mayor in 695 PR, Caius Rusticus, was known to be a bit selfish and grubby, but also a charming man. It was said everything he did, including marrying off his daughter, was done in the best interest of the people of Larm.

In 695 PR, the Rusticus daughter Claudia married into the Retznem merchant family of Dolmvay, giving the Rusticus a bit of influential power in the metropolis down the river. This is notable as Claudia was escorted to her own wedding with the help of the later deity Kragnux and his companion Thwack, who were paid generously for their protection. They took a ship together captained by good old Captain Sook, a relaxed man ready to sail and always happy to flee.

Larm was also a member of the RiverGuard.

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