This page is about the capital city, if you are looking for the dynasty itself, see the LaCroix Kingdom.

About Edit

La Croix
Vital statistics
Type Town
Governing Power Authoritarian (LaCroix Controlled)
Location Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Unknown

The city of LaCroix was established in the early years of the Realm War by Mathias and Marion LaCroix as the capital of the LaCroix Kingdom. After the demise of Mathias La Croix, his son, Mathias Edgar La Croix Jr, took over as ruler of La Croix. Edgar's daughter, Rose was in line to succeed the throne until her self imposed suicide at the death of her lover Eldrin.

Notable Events Edit

Assault on Edgar LaCroix Edit

In 795 PR, the Friends of Kragnux noticed that they had detected powerful divination over watching their meetings and private chambers. In response, a series of fake meetings were held where the church talked about the symbolic importance of sending "powerless" acolytes around the realm, in hopes of causing the scrying party to underestimate their force.

After it was determined that Edgar was behind the intelligence infiltration, a small faction of The Best Around (the church's own adventuring team) were sent to extinguish the threat. Led by Sir Morswyn the Paladin of Pelor, a group of priests entered the LaCroix citadel.

When LaCroix sent an army of vampires their way, they fought back earnestly, and ultimately Edgar himself took the floor. After Edgar fell to the sunbeams of the Pelorian paladin, his daughter Rose inherited the throne.

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