A map of Kiston's Domains

Kiston is the last discovered major Quelmar continent (the others being Breme, Isonhound, Osugbo, Levinkan, Pteris, and Amusa).

Kiston is sunk into the ocean in 1294 PR.

History Edit

For most of Quelmar history the continent was a myth due to the powerful cross tides and circling islets that prevented primitive ships and creatures from accessing the mainland.

Only in the early BR era was a pioneer by the name of Agreer Kiston able to build a tide-traversing ship that reached the massive, exclusive continent mainland. Not much was known about the continent on his return as he had vowed secrecy to the draconic races who inhabited the continent in order to prevent future curious expeditions.

While most ships were sturdy enough to make the voyage by the PR era, a powerful curse laid on the continent after Tiamat's demise ensured that even the most hardy vessels would be stuck in the whirlpool of islands, never to reach Kiston.

Opening and Closing Edit

It is unknown if Kiston was created with the rest of Quelmar at the beginning of time, but Kiston first had an effect on the realm in 207 BR, where it was discovered and unlocked---meaning that the draconic inhabitants that were bound to the continent could now escape and fly freely to the rest of the realm.

These dragons would later go on to cause The Holy War and unlocking Kiston was generally agreed to have been a bad idea.

However, Kiston is once again locked at the end of the Holy War, this time using a sophisticated method involving 7 Kiston Guardians. Those guardians were in turn destroyed by Xender Pleth (working for the good of the realm) and Tiamat (working to destroy the realm), once again unlocking Kiston and releasing the chromatic dragons into the world again.

Kiston would be locked for the third and final time in 1273 PR.

Kiston was then unlocked permanently during the Fracturing of the Weave in 1293 PR, eventually leading to its sinking the following year, permanently destroying it.

Mainland Kiston Edit

  • Xitial
  • Mountiferous Peaks
  • Lamort

The Kiston Isles Edit

  • Caskin
  • Cof
  • Oakist
  • Ossuary
  • Pillbo
  • Sarcof
  • Sheil

Other Edit

Outside of Kiston and its spinning islands there do exist other various islands and land masses that are cartographic ally categorized to the Kiston continent.

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