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Karl's Abbey (Formerly Dawn's Ray Abbot) is a monastery located in northern Osugbo (also known as Diimgard). During the events following the Holy War, it was the center of all religious worship in DolmHarm, where the followers worshiped the splinters of Pelor, who were known as Helm and Lathander. Following Pelor's resurrection in the early PR era, the Dawn's Ray was renamed after the Father Karl, who played an important role in Pelor's return.

After its renaming, it continued to grow as the largest religious following in Osugbo for many years. It employed a sizable force of Paladins who protected its ever growing reach, and would remain relatively safe under Abbot Tam's control during the increased raids on the area that occurred shortly before the sieges on nearby Leishport and Dolmvay.