Vital statistics
Type Large City
Governing Power Magocracy, later Monarchy
Location Oppidan, Pteris
Inhabitant Race Mostly Elf

Jewelspar is an ancient elven city of immense size and spectacle founded by Archmage Nimz, who was its ruler for over a millennium.

About Edit

During the magocracy, laws in Jewelspar were strict in order to keep magic usage safe. Upon entering the city, all hats, hoods and other headwear will need to be removed. Signs outside the walls state: "Those who hide their heads from the elves above bring either great shame or great deception into the city walls and will be barred from entrance".

The city was very proud of its magic under Nimz, but one law specifically stopped the conjuring of creatures larger than 5 feet in size.

Specialties Edit

In Oppidan, Jewelspar is considered to have the best

  • Perfumes
  • New Spells
  • Potions, Scrolls, Rods, and Wands
  • Exotic Weapons
  • Exotic Pets
  • Books
  • Weather

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Archmage's Spectacade (Later just called the Jewelspar Palace)
  • 50s style restaurant, "Poachers"
  • Jewelspar Menagerie
  • Jewelspar University
  • The Enduring Ruins
  • Jewelspar Weather Machine

Shadespar Edit

In the Shadowfell, the echo of Jewelspar became a hub of great activity. Shadespar, due to its massive size, became home to many criminals and creatures of the Shadowfell looking for shelter. A faction of Shadar Kai who long took up residence in the echo of Archmage Nimz' citadel, calling themselves the "Shadespar Clan", attempted to break the planar boundaries and bleed the Shadowfell into Jewelspar. The attempts were successful, and several permanent portals to Shadespar opened around the most abandoned alleys. However, their attempts to pull Jewelspar entirely into the shadowfell failed as the mages of Jewelspar, led by Kale Rodale, blocked the planar energies.