Ith was absolutely a unit.

Ith was a monstrous black dragon who emerged from Isonhound to join his sister Mesanth. Ith was the largest most powerful of the 10 Heralds of Tiamat to awaken.


Upon emerging, he was coerced by his sister to join her in an act of vengence on the realm. Still reeling from the devastation of Tiamat's loss, he joined Mesanth on a continent wide rage which would later be known as the Razing of Isonhound starting in 700 PR.

Ith would be conquered by a group known as the Keepers of the Secret Hoard, who would imprison his soul in a Draconic Soul Cell, then later present it as a gift to the Levinkan. The Soul Cell would be accidentally shattered by a clueless monk named Thokmay in 794 PR, releasing Ith once again onto the world.

The Friends of Kragnux, the foremost leaders in dragon-slaying, would then begin a quest to recapture Ith, a plan that would play into The Sundown. While Ith would be captured, imprisoned, and then obliterated, it would cost the church valuable time and resources, inadvertently lending to the end of their religion and banishment of their god Kragnux.

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