About Edit

Vital statistics
Type Town
Governing Power Mayoral
Location Oppidan, Pteris
Inhabitant Race Humans

Rwendia Sanctuary and Wyrmwood's Embargo Edit

Now having to house over twice the town's population, Holtston found itself low on food. This was aggravated when a hermit on the outskirts of town, a Draconian named Wyrmwood, began to seize the extra imports that the town placed to keep up with demand. Though many were starving, nobody died as Sick of this Shit were able to track down the bandit, with the help of the local stable boy Elten, and slay him dead.

The Cursed Temple of Pelor Edit

Shortly after Wyrmwood was extinguished, a priest showed up in town, claiming that he was on a sabbatical, and when he returned to his little church in the woods, it was overrun with werewolves. Once again following up on the rumors, Sick of this Shit went out into the woods, this time with the local mage Enel, and killed the werewolf sorcerer Lian.