Gus was a myconid mystic (and later Warlock) native to The Underdark who was one of the most prominent and recurring characters of The Underdungeon campaign. 

Gus was Neutral. 

About Edit

As a sage in his culture, Gus was proficient in absorbing the world around him and dispensing wisdom. Secretly, Gus wasn't actually that wise but a lot of people liked him and would listen to what he said simply because he was a cool mold to be around.

He would carry around a bag of "Medicine" that gave +1 Wisdom and -1 Intelligence. No one truly knows what the medicine was even to this day.

History Edit

Gus was captured and subjected to terrible experiments at The Bleak Academy where he would escape by going into the sewers with his fellow victim Budli.

Beholder Captive Edit

After escaping Skull City, Gus would be held captive by Thaluul the Observer after falling into a trap. Thaluul had stolen his lair from worshippers of the great old one Shug, and as such, Thaluul was poisoned by eldritch darkness.

During their escape, Gus was nearly devoured by Thaluul and his dark portal, only escaping by having his head removed from the rest of his mushroom body. As a myconic, it was a painful but survivable process.

Eldritch Disease Edit

After being nearly devoured by the eldritch energies in Thaluul's cave, Gus escaped with only his head intact. However, when he began to regrow, he found the dark matter had corrupted his natural recovery abilities, causing him to grow at dangerous and obese rates. To counteract the evil growth, Gus would need to be constantly cutting off his own limbs and parts of his body.

One good part of the eldritch corruption was the warlock abilities it granted him.

Hoping to solve the issue, Gus turned to the brilliant gnomes of the Underdark, known as Svirfneblin.

Abilities Edit

Gus could throw mind thrusts and thought spears at people easily. He was a terrible combatant though, as he was very weak. He made up for his short comings by becoming a psionic sevant, with powers far outstripping most psions.

  • Psionic investigation
  • Psychic Surge
  • Mystical Recovery
  • Strenght of Mind
  • Mind Meld
  • Hallucination Spores
  • Rapport Sports

After becoming bound to a great old one, Gus could also procure dark eldritch magic including "Hex" and "Mage Hand". He also became capable of understanding all languages through a dark mystical art.

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