Vital statistics
Type Large Town
Governing Power Commonwealth
Location Oppidan, Pteris
Inhabitant Race Anyone Goes!

Granite, also called "The Adventurer's Basin", is a large unconventional populace in Oppidan.

About Edit

The city is mostly described as 'hearty'. There are very relaxed laws, and plenty of gambling, adventuring, and shopping.

The city has a President who is very in touch with the people, but does technically have absolute rule. Because laws are relaxed and security low, the President only has to fear direct action from the many powerful citizens.

Because of it's highly adventurous nature, there are several unconventional laws, including the banning of any sort of trap, and no extraplanar magic of any sort, including summoning creatures and opening portals. Because of it's heavy gambling scene, cheating at anything in Granite is frowned upon, even in casual settings.

Specialites Edit

In Oppidan, Granite was considered to have the best

  • Enchantments
  • Magic weapons and artifacts
  • Technology
  • Gambling services
  • Adventuring services
  • Music

Notable Locations Edit