Esimal was an elven experiment who gained a fractured immortality thanks to dark experiments performed on him by a young Galen Medici.

Seeking a way to restore his former self, Esimal tread down a path that eventually led him into lichhood.

History Edit

Captain Xarch's Letter to Esimal Edit


It's my understanding that you have previously worked with the thief and assassin's guild known as "The Gathering Shadow", according to information gathered by captured traitors, including a Xanenth, who claims to have worked with you previously.

It is in our best interest that you join them, as our ears on the church have led us to believe that Pope Zerachiel and his men are attempting to take out the cultists behind the draconic attack. This is a mistake. Assassins are quick to release the arrow, and the church, I'm sure, would want nothing more than to kill off a rival draconic religion.

According to sources at the scene of the attack, our own cultist of Bahamut, Neronvain, had something to say about the attack. We've passed the information through our scrying department and located his current whereabouts. He lies behind a waterfall two days west near the Ettercap Woods.

The assassins will no doubt find their way there as well. It is in the best interest of the Levinkan that you infiltrate the team, and capture Neronvain.

Use Neronvain's cloak, left in the Chamber Temple here to help keep yourself safe. It appears to be enchanted with a use of teleport for the wearer, most likely how Neronvain escaped in the first place.

In addition, I've included a rune of Sleep, because of your elven heritage, you should be immune to its effects, as should Neronvain, but if "The Gathering Shadow" prove to be too intrusive or violent, use the cloak and the rune to get back here safely with Neronvain alive.

In return, you will be granted knighthood among the Council of Mystics, as well as collecting the bounty, which has amounted to 10,000 GP so far.

Captain Xarch Commander of the Levinkan Citadel Forces

Ascension and Death Edit