Drakseeri Prakseesin is a Snobbite Human rogue sailor. Goes by "Drake" to friend and comrades.

Physical Appearance Edit

Human. Tall aprox 6" with a wirey/toned frame. Blue Eye Color with dark skin. A medium size beard. Longer hair that is usually in a bun at the top. Age: 30 He wears minimal clothing. Usually what is comfortable and flexible for climbing or dodging an attack. One large tattoo on his chest of his familial home colony

Personality Edit

Incredibly introverted. He has been known to speak up when warranted or express his opinion in moments of crisis. There seems to always to be something just under the surface when he speaks. He is incredibly careful and has a natural tendency toward survival at all costs. He chooses his words with more sensitivity than his actions. He prefers the shadows when the party marches forward to an objective. Keeping watch so as to protect them before danger surprises them first.

So far: He is incredibly upset at the mistreatment of children, or younger humanoids that are inherently innocent. Ex: giving all items of value to a group of hiding slaves. He has an incredible connection with ritual and the life of the ocean learned from his Snobbite heritage and upbringing. It's seen only early in the campaign that when he is aboard a sea-faring vessel, he is truly himself.

He carries with him two small wooden totems: (All Snobbite carry them from a rite of adulthood) One from his fallen friend Blit, the other is unknown to whom it belongs to.

History (what we know so far) Edit

That he recently came from Snobbite. He's seeking a ship to bring back to his home town. He's married. After successfully performing an exorcism on Eve and Orris, fellow part member Niebelung asked him "Have you done this before?" he replied "I saw my father do it once".

Drake was exiled from Snobbite for an accident he was responsible for. His daughter (Kat) was one of the victims. The letter that has written for Eve to hold onto was his last will. He said he wrote it because "I didn't think I would make it back so I gave it to her. I call her Kat because she reminds me of her." But suddenly, in front of the OathWielders, he ripped it to pieces saying "I don't plan on dying, we will live and we will save this land." Drake stated that he needed to regain his honor so he can return home and set things right. He went to each OathWielder in the cave hiding from the Troverth soldiers outside, facing greater odds and certain death, and embraced each one. He felt stronger with trusting comrades. He felt stronger with good friends.

Trivia Edit

  • He does not drink.
  • He sometimes call's his fairy friend Eve by the nickname of "Kat"
  • Once Eve laid hands on him to sense his emotions: She discovered despite his activeness and ferocity, he has a deep sadness and homesickness.
  • He has a fondness of animals. His dog companion is named "Kulu"
  • He is a gifted maker and admires fine craftsmanship.

Languages Edit

  • Common
  • Elf
  • Thieves' Cant

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a rogue, Drake is great at sneaking up on enemies and dealing massive damage. Drake is also fast and talented at disengaging. His favorite battle tactics are to use the envioronment and whatever tools he has first to give a combat advantage to the group.

Drake is the most perceptive of the group.

Weapons Edit

Although his most effective weapon is two short-swords, He always seems to favor a whip when he can for a non-lethal maneuver.

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