Doraleous "Tree-Bitch" Walken

Physical Appearance Edit

The appearance of Doraleous has fluctuated throughout the course of his adventures with Sick of this Shit Inc. Towards the beginning of his escapades, he appeared as a tall Dryad, about 7 feet in height and an even larger wingspan. With branches for hair, bark for skin, and sap for blood, his constitution was impeccable. As a dryad, he maintained an hourglass figure and and boasted beautifully feminine features. When standing still, he could take a shape indistinguishable from a tree. After The Tovag Baragu adventure and the Additionals incident, he morphed from a 7 foot tree, to a 3 foot shrub with butterfly wings. These wings were blue with extravagant patterns. After a bit of time, he grew tired of this shape and simply decided to revert back to his original size while still maintaining proportional wings.

Personality Edit

Doraleous is a self-described "gentle giant." He tries to stay away from conflict by manipulating the world around him. He tends to have trouble finding friends, seeing as he lived in the forest for most of his adolescent life and has the charisma of a dumb orc which is ironic considering his fey background, but friends he does make he values above all else. He likes to constantly be a part of nature, preferring the outdoors to the boistering inside, and tends to connect more to animals than people (see Testicles and Edgar), but that doesn't stop him from having a bit of fun with people. With his dryad history, he enjoys charming others to do what he wants, although he rarely uses this. He views all life as precious, and just recently, after the five cities of the peninsula were saved, he realized that he could actually do sub-dual damage where his enemies would not be slain. He was very happy about this.

History Edit

"My history was pretty dope. I'll tell you all about it one day." - Doraleous Walken

Life in the Forest Edit

Doraleous was grown in the Walken Clan located in Woldlin, Isonhound. Tree was the offspring of Rosalie and Paul Walken. Walken was born of a livewood tree, which he then chopped down and wore like armor. This allowed the dryad (whose race is bound to stay within 100 feet of their “home-tree”) a power that conflicting stories explain. Walken himself often claimed to be a “chosen one” for the Goddess Mielikki, which explained his unique tree situation, while research in the area shows that he was not the first livewood dryad to appear on the scene, but indeed the first to leave the forests. Due to the wiping of all dryad organic material in 692, stories of the generation before Walken are strictly oral, and should be taken lightly. Dryads, being fey, are also known for exaggerating and making fantastical claims. The only known fact is that at a young age, Walken moved to Rwendia in Oppidan, where he studied for nearly a decade under the archmage Kleckless Racoba, a vicious and magically abusive man who would get his vengeance on Doraleous by murdering his entire family.  

Doraleous Headshot

Doraleous can not live without his Livewood armor

Adventuring with SotS Edit

Helped establish SotS Inc (in Granite). Fought in the first chimera awakening of the 7th century PR. Discovered several new forms of magic and spells, including "Swarm of Monkeys". Walken was also chosen by Deity Mielikki in visions (according to himself) to be tasked with protecting the forests of Isonhound, making him a truly Chosen One. Walken pioneered the Livewood dryad movement and founded Fairy Forests in Isonhound, helping rebuild Dryad populations worldwide after the first Livewood plague occurred in 692 PR. Walken saved Colin Pendergras’ life before his industries started, and for that reason is the cause for many of the past decades’ technologies.

Post-Oppidan War Edit

For the first 5 years, Doraleous remained close with all those associated with Oppidan and Sneerwell. He kept his schedule packed, spending certain days studying with his new magic professor in Rwendia, helping with whatever he could around Anema E. Core’s new AID organization, building the new Sick of this Shit Inc. Headquarters, and molding a new culture among the New Dryads. He gained new spells from his teacher, a new staff from a craftsman in Granite, and a special mechanical ring from his old friend, King Colin Pendergras which would assist him with his new-found misty escape ability. He attempted to oversee the remaking of Jewelspar’s hierarchy as best he could, but after 5 years of dashing from city to city, he realized he must dedicate all of his time to what was most important to him.

Doraleous said his goodbyes and went to the grand forests of Isonhound where the New Dryads were flourishing. He gathered many books from libraries all around both continents and shared them with his kin. They developed enormously fast, and their wisdom was exceeding. Working nonstop, he would be their mentor, their father, their mother, and most importantly, their friend. Their personal philosophy would be much like the old dryads’ but more lenient. Their one mission was to protect nature at all costs, and Doraleous taught that they could do this in one of two ways. One way would be to stay in their forests, tending to hurt animals and growing the brush into a healthy place for wildlife to thrive. He said this was an incredibly noble option, leading most to follow this path. To a few who are worthy though, Mielikki would give them the chance to go out into the world and spread their influence. Out in the realm, they would gravitate to new, uninhabited forests and plant their seeds, renewing them. Doraleous taught his children not to be afraid of this call, but rather, to be honored.

Doraleous had kept up with Anema during this time, so he stayed fairly up-to-date as to the going-ons in Oppidan and Sneerwell. He had already done much to mold the culture, so after two years of pure teaching, the numbers were big enough to begin spreading to other forests in both Isonhound and even that continent below Isonhound. Doraleous would travel to each tribe regularly, keeping track of each and making sure they kept up with their studies. Once he decided that they had gone above and beyond all of his expectations, bringing faerie forests back into the world, he traveled back to his friend Anema in hopes for some good news on the search for Zugs McFlair.

Doraleous would use a wish given to the team by Atnas after Anema's death at the hands of Severain and The Cult of the Dragon. The wish would reincarnate Anema into an Avariel.

The Second Livewood Plague and Final Rooting Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Doraleous holds the power of the elements. Combining the natural with the arcane, he has become a mixture of Druid and Warlock. The extent of Walken’s divine magic is unknown. He is known to have dabbled in life magic, explosive magic, illusionary magic, and manipulative magic including mental possession. Journals of conflict list thunderstrikes and illusive terrain to be his favored tactics in battle. 

Weapons Edit

Doraleous holds a quarterstaff. He uses to cast the spell Changestaff which transforms the staff into an animated tree. He does not use this staff for melee damage. He also tends to hold onto a knife of +1 just in case things get hairy.

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