Race Features Edit

Ability Bonus: +2 Dex OR +2 Chr, -1 Con

Speed: 30 Feet

Sight: Darkvision 60 Feet

Languages: Common and one language of your choice.

Necrotic Bloodline: Resistance to necrotic Damage

Spell-Like-Ability: 1/Long Rest Charm Person (DC = 11 + Charisma mod)

Weakness to Sunlight:You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on  Wisdom  (Perception) checks that  rely  on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight.

Sub Races (Pick one of the below): Edit

-Blood Drinker:

  • Regenerative Meal: The dhampir can sink its small fangs into a helpless or grappled humanoid and cause 1d4 point of damage per round. Each point of damage that the target takes gives you the same amount of Temporary Hit Points.


  • Born Stalker: You gain proficiency in the Perception skill. Also, you do not take attack penalties with any attack roll when Blinded.

-Shape of the Vampire:

  • Polymorphic: You can transform into either a bat, a wolf, or a medium-sized area of mist as a Bonus Action. You cannot make actions in combat when in any form, and your equipment becomes part of the form. You can use another Bonus Action to transform back into your original form.
    • As a Bat, you have a fly speed equal to 15 feet/round
    • As a Wolf, your speed increases to 45 feet/round
    • As Mist, you gain Resistance against all non-magic physical attacks but you gain vulnerability (double damage) against any spells/invocations.
  • Vampiric Bloodlust Every turn when you are at 1/3 of your maximum Hit Points or less (Temporary Hit Points count as normal Hit Points for this ability), you must roll a Wisdom Saving Throw (DC equal to 10 + # of consecutive rounds you are at or below 1/3 of your Hit Points). A failure results in a rage-like state where you attack the nearest creature (even if it is an ally), dealing an extra 1d4 points of damage on all melee attacks. You must succeed a Wisdom Saving Throw (DC 20) to leave this state