Physical Appearance Edit

About 3ft Tall and A Cobalt Blue scale pattern, often seen wearing a White Lab Coat and carrying a large medicine bag. Cobalt is a Kobold, which are Dragon/ Wyrmling Kin, and appear to be small Lizard/Dragon Like Creatures.

Cobalt is now a Drow. See History

Personality Edit

Cobalt is the intellectual strategist and support of the group. He is always looking for the best angle to go about things, while sometimes those decisions may be made too impulsively, ending up in the loss of body by soul transmutation.. but We'll get to that later - no worries there - he knows what he's doing.

History Edit

Cobalt started out as an Urchin, on the brink of survival all the time, as Kobold are quite small and notoriously nutritious little bastards. Cobalt in studying the traps and injuries of his fellow beings in the struggle to survive became a physician, skilled in the feats of intellect - a scholar of sorts. He became compatriots with the Drow, Jintuk, and soon the two went off to quest alongside each other for their mutual interests. He would assist Jintuk on escort missions between the Flayers of Skull City and the Drow of Lyth'Myathar as part of an operation called The Atraakzian Experiment.

So in the midst of Mindflayers and Mindfuckery galore, Cobalt ended up in the middle of a brood war within the Aatraakzian Household from which Jintuk originates, saved his life by warning him of an assassination plot in time, and the two escaped out into the great un(der)known. Aaaaaannnd promptly fell into a pit and were trapped inside THE LABYRINTH OF THE OBSERVER.

Through a ludicrous chain of events, and some brazen tom foolery, Cobalt lost his body upon being sucked into a soul mirror on the 3rd floor of the labyrinth, and was transferred into the Drow body that was formerly home to Jintuk's soul--within which he currently resides due to the - ahem - "quick wit" of his narcissistic bag of hair best friend named Jintuk.

Languages Edit

Common, Undercommon, Draconic, Deep Speech, Elvish, Goblin, Thieves Cant

Powers and Abilities Edit

Insane mastery of normal skills of intellect and knowledge, not so hot on the physical stuff.

He used to wield a medical kit, but that was sucked into the abyss alongside his original body.

Weapons Edit

Hand Crossbows and brutal sword work.

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