Captain Seaworth came from humble beginnings, the bastard son of a prostitute in the slums of Galik in Amusa. Though he grew up around ports and sailors, he never actually set foot on a boat until he was 16, and he didn't look back to either the land or his hometown. The sea became his new life, on full of freedom and opportunity to make his down way. He quickly proved his worth on whatever ship he found himself on, and though he felt no particular allegiance to his crew mates, he loved each new ship he smuggled himself onto more than the last.

Under indeterminate circumstances, he became captain of The Rusty Crest at the young age of 21. With his ship, Seaworth traveled all up and down Sword Coast North transporting goods, deep-pocketed travelers, and "occasionally" "less-than-legal" cargo (both "living" and "inanimate"). Those would be Captain Seaworth's parentheses.

Seaworth, however, has always had a loftier career path in mind. So when he was called upon to captain a new ship on a voyage to Kiston in search of dragons and treasure, well, how could he resist? But what twists and turns awaited him (and still do) began to lead him down a path he could never have imagined.
Captain Seaworth

Physical Appearance Edit

Age: 25

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180lbs

Skin: Fair

Hair: Black, Short

Eyes: Grey

Personality Edit

Despite his troubled upbringing and uncertain future, Seaworth has a very playful sense of adventure. At first glance he never seems to appreciate the gravity of the circumstances in which he finds himself, but he is very quick to judge what is valuable to him and what isn't (and as it turns out, most things aren't).

That being said, he does have a very strong moral compass (though it does seem to point almost exclusively in his direction) and will stick to his convictions when pushed.

History Edit

Born to a prostitute in Galik. Father unknown.


Childhood spent as a thief and street urchin.

Spent early teenage years studying ships from afar.

Slipped onto a ship called "The Blind Wager" at age 16. Never returned home and migrated from ship to ship.

Became captain of "The Rusty Crest" at age 21 and worked as a smuggler.

Called upon to captain "The Choking Cockatrice" and campaign to Kiston at age 25.

Fought in The Battle of Chad, during which he was charged for killing 3 clerics and a paladin.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ship Passage, Artful Swordplay, Sure Footed, Jack of all Trades, Lucky, Braggadocio.

Swashbuckling Maneuvers: Disarm, Distraction, Feint, Parry, Riposte, Trip

Weapons Edit

2 Guns

1 Rapier

1 Lt. Crossbow

2 Daggers

1 Boomerang

Allies Edit