Caligna: What in the blazes happened!? One minute I'm walking down the hall, the next, I'm waking up here... I really need to lay off those Medicinals.

???: Well done my child, I did not think you'd attain this plane for quite some time.

Caligna: You! I've heard you before, all the cryptic messages of Pigs and betrayal... Are you the one that aids me?

???: Of course my child, I aid all my children when they call to me in the night - - -

"Tick tock tick tock, there are not three,

Reliving your fate holds the key.

Warden of the soul between life and death,

Only there will you find the rest.

Collect, preserve, boil, and brew,

Only then will their secrets be known to you.

The Horn, The Steel, Feather -

- Fauna, and Flame

In memories chalice, their powers, you'll regain.

A key unlocks, the secret reign,

and washes the ash and shade away."

???: Good bye my child, life does call again.

Caligna: Might I return here for your guidance more?

Qouth'd my Queen: "Nevermore".

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