Byzle is a dwarven fighter of the Redsmash Clan.

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Byzle was rescued by a group of adventurers in the forests of Osugbo after he fell for an Orcish ambush. He received a letter seemingly from his clan asking him to sail out to a remote location. The letter's contents are below:

Redsmashers. We are rennohvating the steelhand hall. We have found old redsmash materials. TapIstries. Statues. Maps. We will sell them back to you for 1000000 silver peaces. Follow down the dolm river to the bay of diimgard to the harm river we will meet you on the river side. See you soon. Signed other steelhand dwarves.
Byzle would join his rescuers and become a founding member of The Best Around.

When The Best Around and The Friends of Kragnux combined their forces, Byzle was one of the lucky few who was able to get Crusader training, becoming a member of the elite group known as The Fingers of Kragnux.

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